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Jun 6, 2012

Social Media Revolution – The Parody

After a spell in the blogger naughty corner for lack of blogging over the last two months, I’ll kick start things with this parody of the numerous ‘social media revolution’ videos online.

Feb 21, 2012

Is the social media novelty wearing off?

New research from UK market research agency, You Gov, reveals that two in five (41%) of the UK online population claim to be getting bored of social media.

Some of the stats

Unsurprisingly Facebook is still the social network frontrunner when it comes to the volume of active users. 65% of the UK online population logged in within the last month as compared to 50% for YouTube, 23% for Twitter, 13% for LinkedIn and 12% for Google+ during the same period. However almost a quarter of these active Facebook users are using the site less now than they did a year ago. This ‘weaning off’ the network looks to continue as 19% expect to use Facebook less in a year’s time. The question is will new users to the site replace those who have lost interest? i.e. is usage cyclical?

The search for value

The recession is also having an impact on social media behaviour with people moving from spending time in online networks for recreation to getting involved in networks that serve a specific purpose. As people focus on ‘brand me’ and develop their professional networks for career development, LinkedIn usage is on the increase. Over half of UK internet users using the site more than a year ago and 30% also expect to use it even more in one year’s time.

Financial advice and ‘deals’ site,, now has as many active users as Twitter. Similarly 10% of online consumers are active on music sharing network, Spotify.

For more on this research, click here.


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Dec 11, 2011

Great Video on Facebook’s Sponsored Stories featuring Mark Zuckerberg

A rare moment of ‘TV gold’ derived from someones interview hell! Watch Facebook’s VP of Public Policy get tongue tied under pressure from BBC journalist Emily Maitlis, in relation to the social network’s new ‘Sponsored Story’ feature.

This extract from ‘Inside Facebook‘ explores numerous topics including ‘what is advertising’ and Facebook privacy and features comments from Mark Zuckerberg. Great viewing…

Nov 17, 2011

When’s the Best Time to Post on Twitter or Facebook? [Infographic]

Social media marketing can be tricky with a multitude of factors affecting the impact of each tweet or post. The words you use, whether or not you include a link, what ‘call to action’ you include (if any), the network you’re using, the content you’re leveraging (text, video, picture) and even the time of day or the day of the week.

So when is engagement highest on social networks for both B2B and B2C audiences? This infographic from Argyle Social which has some insights into Twitter and Facebook…

Infographic on Best Time to Post to Twitter or Facebook

Sep 11, 2011

Advergaming – Mini Maps Allows You to Drive on Any Street in the World

I just came across this great Facebook application for Mini via Adverblog. An ‘advergame’, the branded application using Google Maps technology to allow the user to select a location anywhere in the World and drive a customised Mini around. You can invite friends to race against you and post updates to your Facebook wall. Pretty slick.

It was launched by Mini France – here’s a video which showcases what the app can do but I’d suggest just go ahead and play the game though! Try taking a drive over Sydney Harbour bridge or doing some wheelies by the Eiffel Tower!


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