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Oct 23, 2011

Tesco Creates Virtual Supermarkets in South Korean Train Stations

Having spent a couple of hours yesterday rolling the dice with checkout queues and playing ‘trolley dodgems’ at my local supermarket, I can easily say it’s one of my least favourite household chores. So what if I could do my grocery shopping with ease while waiting for a train or a bus? Well that is exactly what shoppers in South Korea can do thanks to a new campaign from ‘Homeplus‘, the South Korean affiliate of supermarket chain Tesco.

According to the Wall Street Journal (via a Google Study), there are over 10 million smartphone subscribers in South Korea. It’s this mobile phenomenon that the retailer hopes to leverage to appeal to young Korean shoppers.

At an underground station in Seoul the walls have been lined with billboards mimicking supermarket shelves – brimming with images of over 500 popular grocery items.

virtual tesco supermarket in south korean

Redefining the term ‘Convenience Store’, shoppers at this virtual supermarket just need to download the Homeplus app to make their purchases. Once downloaded, they use the app to scan the QR code under the product they wish to purchase. Once scanned, you can select size, quantity and when and where you’d like the product delivered. Nice eh?

Watch a video on this campaign here:

(via BBC)


Sep 10, 2011

Portal to the Real Universe – There’s an App for That [Video]

These days there’s pretty much an app for everything. Well now there’s an app that’s creates a “portal to the real universe”, allowing you to see ‘invisible space’ and the ‘vastness of the Universe’ at your fingertips. Yup…the ‘Invisible Universe App’ is impressive!

Joshua Peek, an astronomer and Hubble Fellow at Columbia who works on research for NASA,  collaborated on this new Android app which allows the ‘Average Joe’ to see the universe in a new way through their smartphone, even if they can’t see the stars in their city.

Check out the video and see why I now want a ‘productivity hat’!

May 4, 2011

Leo Burnett Turn Street Signs into an Interactive Car Catologue

This is a clever campaign from Leo Burnett Iberia to promote the new Fiat Punto Evo. They created a smartphone app – Fiat Street Evo – which effectively transformed the city’s road signs into an interactive car catalogue.

The app treated any road sign like a QR code, scanning it and revealing additional information about the Punto Evo. For example when you scanned a sign of a traffic sign you got info on the cars parking sensor. The app also connected people to their nearest retailer to book a test drive.

To incentivise people to use the app, prizes (such as iPads) were ‘hidden’ within some of the signs. The first one to come across the prize won it. In the first week more than 1 million signs were spotted and the app was voted Spanish App of the year.

Aug 12, 2010

Golden Pages App Launched with a Video

Truvo, the company behind the Golden Pages, have officially launched the new Golden Pages iPhone app with a video.

‘The Golden Pages Journey’ follows a phone book and it’s ‘friends’ around Dublin city and ends with a shot of the app on a smartphone. There are some nice touches in this video such as the phonebooks circling the wheel of ‘Molly Malone’s’ barrow.

I’m not sure if the best way to highlight the convenience of a smartphone app is to focus on phonebooks speeding around town but the video would work well at a TV spot and does hold the viewers attention as the phonebooks move around well known parts of the city.

A phone directory is considered quite a traditional thing and in the minds of many people it has become an unnecessary tool. I personal cannot remember the last time I picked up the Golden Pages – I prefer to hit the internet or even call directory enquiries.

Developing an iPhone app is an obvious way for a traditional phone directory to become more relevant to modern consumers. The app itself is simple to use and has a share function so that you can tap to share the contact information by email or on Twitter or Facebook if you’re so inclined. You can also get directions to places of interest. To be honest though I was surprised the app doesn’t allow you to do more.

I was recently in Kerry wandering around Dingle looking for somewhere to eat and whipped out my iPhone and went to MenuPages for a recommendation. If the Golden Pages app allowed people to add reviews and rate particular businesses then it would be a much better resource.

The brand have been really upping their online presence recently and now have a Twitter account and a Facebook page. They also have a blog on which they’ve some special offers and giveaways.

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