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Nov 1, 2011

QR Codes – What a Difference a Year Makes

QR codes are being utilised with increasing frequency in marketing and advertising in Ireland but what impact are they likely to have on your campaign? The latest report from Scanbuy looks at data from their QR code scanning application, ScanLife, and gives some insight into this aspect of mobile marketing.

Snapshot results

- In 2010 their largest marketing campaign saw 65,000 QR code scans. Recently a Scanbuy customer completed a 6-week campaign that netted over 400,000 scans.

- The average scans per code has increased 39%.

- Adoption of QR codes in the Grocery (food) category showed the most year-over-year growth, as it jumped from 14% to 40% in all 1D products scanned. According to the report authors this “sharp increase indicates how barcode scanning has become part of many consumers’ everyday life.”

- Interestingly the Health and Beauty category saw the number of QR codes scanned drop from 21% to 13%.

- QR code usage is most popular in the 25-44 year old age group.

- There has been a demographic shift in QR code usage – in Q3 2010, 70% of ScanLife app users were male. In Q3 2011, usage of the QR code reader amongst female consumers has risen by 13% to 43% of users whilst 57% are male.

Click here to download the full report.

Oct 23, 2011

Tesco Creates Virtual Supermarkets in South Korean Train Stations

Having spent a couple of hours yesterday rolling the dice with checkout queues and playing ‘trolley dodgems’ at my local supermarket, I can easily say it’s one of my least favourite household chores. So what if I could do my grocery shopping with ease while waiting for a train or a bus? Well that is exactly what shoppers in South Korea can do thanks to a new campaign from ‘Homeplus‘, the South Korean affiliate of supermarket chain Tesco.

According to the Wall Street Journal (via a Google Study), there are over 10 million smartphone subscribers in South Korea. It’s this mobile phenomenon that the retailer hopes to leverage to appeal to young Korean shoppers.

At an underground station in Seoul the walls have been lined with billboards mimicking supermarket shelves – brimming with images of over 500 popular grocery items.

virtual tesco supermarket in south korean

Redefining the term ‘Convenience Store’, shoppers at this virtual supermarket just need to download the Homeplus app to make their purchases. Once downloaded, they use the app to scan the QR code under the product they wish to purchase. Once scanned, you can select size, quantity and when and where you’d like the product delivered. Nice eh?

Watch a video on this campaign here:

(via BBC)


May 6, 2011

QR Codes Allow Print Ads To Really Speak to the Reader

Gaddafi 'Reporters without Borders' QR code print advertQuick Response codes (QR codes) are starting to become more mainstream in Ireland, popping up in print adverts in national press, posters and in-store promotional material just to name a few places. For those of you mulling over the potential of QR codes for message delivery, be inspired by this clever campaign for ‘Reporters Without Borders‘ by Publicis.

Print adverts featuring the dictators Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad and Putin contained a QR code at the bottom which asked readers to scan the code and then place their phone over the mouth of the person. A mouth appears – the mouth of a journalist telling you about what is happening in that dictator’s country. The tagline being ‘Because there are mouths that will never speak the truth‘.

The end of the video directs people to the campaign website where they can find more info. Clever stuff…it certainly adds a new dimension to print advertising and opens a new realm of possibilities.

This video explains the ad campaign:

May 4, 2011

Leo Burnett Turn Street Signs into an Interactive Car Catologue

This is a clever campaign from Leo Burnett Iberia to promote the new Fiat Punto Evo. They created a smartphone app – Fiat Street Evo – which effectively transformed the city’s road signs into an interactive car catalogue.

The app treated any road sign like a QR code, scanning it and revealing additional information about the Punto Evo. For example when you scanned a sign of a traffic sign you got info on the cars parking sensor. The app also connected people to their nearest retailer to book a test drive.

To incentivise people to use the app, prizes (such as iPads) were ‘hidden’ within some of the signs. The first one to come across the prize won it. In the first week more than 1 million signs were spotted and the app was voted Spanish App of the year.

May 3, 2011

The QR Code Invasion [Infographic]

JumpScan, a QR code-focussed startup company, have released an infographic detailing the growth in QR code usage from their creation to track vehicle parts to their now widespread use in digital marketing.

Published on Mashable, this was described as their first ever interactive infographic. The QR codes contained in the graphic can be scanned using a QR code reader on your smartphone and will take you to various relevant news items online.

Check it out:

QR Code Invasion Infographic by JumpScan via


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