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Dec 11, 2011

Great Video on Facebook’s Sponsored Stories featuring Mark Zuckerberg

A rare moment of ‘TV gold’ derived from someones interview hell! Watch Facebook’s VP of Public Policy get tongue tied under pressure from BBC journalist Emily Maitlis, in relation to the social network’s new ‘Sponsored Story’ feature.

This extract from ‘Inside Facebook‘ explores numerous topics including ‘what is advertising’ and Facebook privacy and features comments from Mark Zuckerberg. Great viewing…

Dec 11, 2011

The Social Media ROI Hypocrisy [Video]

Executives who demand to know the return on investment (ROI) of real-time communications through social media is the topic of discussion in this short video with David Meerman Scott, author of ‘The New Rules of Marketing and PR’. Well worth a watch…

Oct 24, 2011

PR Stunts – An Overview of the 12 Most Memorable

Ragan’s PR Daily recently published a great list “12 outrageous PR stunts—and the lessons learned” and it’s well worth a read.

One of the quirkiest from the list involved a rebranding stunt – When GotVMail changed its name to Grasshopper, they sent 25,000 chocolate-covered grasshoppers by FedEx to the most influential people in America!

Sep 24, 2011

Survey Reveals Irish People Turning to Dr Google to Save Money

- Pharmacists warn of dangers of using internet for health advice -

As the recession rumbles on Irish consumers are turning to the internet to self diagnose and seek advice on health conditions. A nationwide survey of 1,000 adults carried out by Quinn Healthcare revealed “almost half of Irish people (46%) find that the cost of attending their GP encourages them to consult the Internet for medical diagnosis“.

The National Consumer Agency puts the average cost per GP visit at an average of €51…prohibitive for the 60% of women and 50% of men under 44 who are turning to “Dr Google” for information on health issues.

Other stats from the survey include:

- 45% would use a phone service or web chat if GPs offered this service, with Dublin respondents being most positive on these methods of consultation (52%)

- On average 35% of the population believe the Internet is a trustworthy source of medical information, with young men being the biggest believers (48%)

- 53% of females aged between 35-44 use the Internet for a second opinion and as a tool to challenge GP diagnosis

- More than 55% of younger males, and also 54% of women aged between 35-44 would consult the Internet rather than their GP if suffering from an embarrassing medical problem

The Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) posted a statement in response to this research, saying: “We are concerned at the growing trend for people using the internet to self diagnose. The information online may not always be correct and your symptoms could worsen if you are not properly diagnosed. We encourage people to drop in and ask their pharmacist first for advice.

The IPU ‘Ask your Pharmacist First’ campaign has been running for some months now with a series of radio adverts and the launch of their website ‘‘. On the interactive site you can type in any health topic and the three ‘watercooler experts’ will give you their advice. The idea being to underscore that “On the internet, everyone’s an “expert” and you should ask a qualified healthcare professional (such as your pharmacist) for advice.

IPU watercooleradvice site to educate consumers on the danger of seeking advice online

The most interesting stat that jumps out of this research for me is the fact that women are using the internet as a virtual ‘second opinion’, gathering information to challenge their GP’s initial diagnosis. This trend suggests training healthcare professionals in communications techniques to allow them to effectively manage the expectations of ‘e-patients’ armed with print outs from the internet will become a vital element of their professional development.

I doubt that anything will dissuade consumers from seeking information online…convenience, curiosity and cost savings will mean that the numbers of people visiting “Dr Google” is only going to increase. The focus of those operating in the healthcare sector, (the Department of Health, healthcare professionals, advocacy groups and pharmaceutical companies), should be on ensuring that accurate and engaging health education content is available for all conditions and that this is readily accessible online.

The e-patient is not going away and so healthcare must adapt to provide e-treatment.

Jul 9, 2011

Anti-PowerPoint Political Party Founded in Switzerland

There’s a famous saying which goes: “The problem with political jokes is they get elected” (Henry Cate, VII). Well a new Swiss political party seem to be testing out that theory.

The Anti-PowerPoint Party (APPP) was established in May (2011) with the aim of raising awareness of the ‘much better alternatives to PowerPoint‘ and getting 33,000+ votes in October’s National Council Elections to become the fourth largest party in Switzerland!

So is this for real? Well it appears as if it’s an elaborate stunt to promote the party’s President, Matthias Poehm’s new book ‘The PowerPoint Fallacy‘. When becoming a member of the APPP “you have the right to acquire the bestseller “The PowerPoint Fallacy” at the preferential member price of 26 CHF (17 €) instead of paying the market price of 43 CHF (27 €).

When asked about whether this is a marketing ploy Poehm said: “Yes, it is a tool to promote my book. But it doesn’t end there…This issue will be raised in the awareness of the all people who still don’t know that there is an alternative to PowerPoint and with this alternative you, probably, achieve three to five times more effect and excitement with the audience than with the PowerPoint.

PowerPoint, they say, “is like a disease. For a long time there has been a remedy for this disease around, but nobody knows about it.” So what’s the remedy? Flipcharts. Yes…flipcharts!

Lucky for you, the Swiss party hope to fuel an international movement and anyone can become a member of the APPP. To hear from Poehm, watch the video below:


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