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Nov 17, 2011

When’s the Best Time to Post on Twitter or Facebook? [Infographic]

Social media marketing can be tricky with a multitude of factors affecting the impact of each tweet or post. The words you use, whether or not you include a link, what ‘call to action’ you include (if any), the network you’re using, the content you’re leveraging (text, video, picture) and even the time of day or the day of the week.

So when is engagement highest on social networks for both B2B and B2C audiences? This infographic from Argyle Social which has some insights into Twitter and Facebook…

Infographic on Best Time to Post to Twitter or Facebook

Sep 17, 2010

The best online ad placement ever?

Twitter is fabulous for brightening up a Friday morning. Thanks to @calloftus for spotting one of the best ad placements ever…

Great banner ad placement

Sep 8, 2010

Irish Web Awards Nominees Announced

The massive list of nominations for the Irish Web Awards 2010 has been posted online. It’s too long a list to copy but you can view them all here.

The deadline for nominations in the following categories has been extended by a week:

  • Best Technology Site
  • Best New Web Application/Service
  • Best Social Media Campaign
  • Best (Guerilla) Social Media Campaign – Sponsored by ebow
  • Best Microsite – Sponsored by
  • An Suíomh Gaeilge is Fear
  • Best Practice
Aug 12, 2010

How much Massive can you Pack in a Jazz?

Car manufacturer Honda, have been running a campaign in Australia to highlight how spacious their new car, the Honda Jazz (also known as the Honda Fit), really is.

The series of videos which garnered almost 350,000 views in their first week alone, aim to show you that the Jazz really “fits anything you can imagine“. To that end the folks at Honda have asked:

The best of the bunch has to be: ‘How much Massive can you fit in a Jazz? Watch as oily ‘beefcake guys’ and their weightlifting women squash into the car. Handily, in the event that you don’t speak Australian, this video is complete with subtitles. Hang in there til at least the 1min 14sec mark to see the guy show off his ‘rear lat spread’!

The promotional campaign relies heavily on online activity with no ‘mainstream media buy’ according to Alex Campbell of DTDigital, the agency behind the initiative. He said: “Rather than buying an audience to communicate this message to, we set out to find a new, more relevant way of getting this message out there in the market”.

The campaign also has a competition run via a microsite which asks people to suggest things they can try and pack in to the car to be in with a chance to win the Jazz. The same competition is also being run through their Facebook site which as yet has only 208 fans.

Fingers crossed someone suggests something interesting be crammed in there…The entire cast of Home & Away? 5 farmers from the ‘Outback’, replete with BO and their prize sheep perhaps? 11 men playing with their didgeridoo’s?

Honda are just the latest in a series of car manufacturers heading online to promote their latest models. Continue reading »

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