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Sep 9, 2011

Old Spice Seems to Have Lost its Swagger in New Ad Campaign

Old Spice is rolling out a new ad campaign – ‘Smell Better Than Yourself’ -  that will apparently feature multiple characters, none of which is the ‘Old Spice Guy’ otherwise known as Isaiah Mustafa. The ad features a guy dressed as a sea captain who states: “I’m not a well-decorated sea captain who battles monsters on a large nautical vessel but thanks to Old Spice, I smell like I am.” 

Yes ladies, if you thought the traditional Old Spice scent was rank, “Red Zone Swagger” from Old Spice will make your man smell like squid.

Is anyone else tiring of these adverts? The brand seems to have missed the fact that the actor, Mustafa, became as synonymous with the campaign as the brand did and is now central to making this concept work in the minds of consumers. All future campaigns will be benchmarked against the successful ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like‘ campaign and just won’t measure up (IMHO!).

Mar 7, 2011

A Look Behind the Scenes of the Old Spice Ads

Think the ‘Old Spice Guy’ Isaiah Mustafa has it easy? A career built around brainwashing shoppers into buying Old Spice with his dulcet tones and a flex of his chiseled biceps? Well perhaps you’ll think of him in a new light after checking out the latest video released by the brand.

In the new ad series, Mustafa, ‘the man your man could smell like‘ asks the ‘ladies’ of the world – ‘where can you go when your man smells like me?’ In each advert the brand takes you on a ‘scent vacation’ and features Mustafa moving effortlessly from sun-kissed sandy beaches to mountain tops.

This video gives the viewer a peak behind the scenes and reveals that the ads are actually filmed in one take using fixed props and suspension wires. Impressive that he does it all without so much as a change in voice inflection!

Feb 19, 2011

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Lingers On

So ‘the man your man could smell like’ a.k.a the ‘Old Spice Guy’ has made his comeback.

In advance of the Super Bowl in the US, one 16 year old was selected as the Old Spice Super Fan and, not only given tickets to the Super Bowl, but an opportunity to become an Elebrity (internet celebrity). He was given access to the new Old Spice advert in advance of it’s screening, to share across his social network.

Apparently Chris Gatewood snagged Super Fan status after he recorded himself imitating the Old Spice guy in his school.

Where can you go when your man smells like me?” asks the new advert…

Personally I thought the novelty had worn off this ad series and the creators should have thanked their lucky stars they hit on a winner and ‘swan dived’ into their promotions. However over half a million people have listened to the call to Chris Gatewood announcing he was the Super Fan and another 2.5 million people have watched the new advert….so what do I know?!

That said, the latest installment in the series – promoting Old Spice Komodo – is a bit weak so perhaps the writers will struggle to sustain the campaign.

Jan 30, 2011

New Old Spice Advert to Be Leaked to One Lucky Fan

The man your man could smell like, Isaiah Mustafa, is back.

The Old Spice adverts were a viral sensation last year, with one of the videos receiving almost 29 million views – making it the most viewed advert of 2010 (the brand’s YouTube channel total upload views currently sit at 184,542,802!). So can they build upon that success or is this a ‘swan dive’ too far for the brand?

The brand successfully used social media last year to interact with consumers and create a buzz around the campaign. This year they’re trying to adopt similar tactics in the hope that they’ll strike ‘advertising gold’ twice.

On January 20th, Old Spice released a short teaser video on YouTube announcing the Old Spice guy’s come back.

On Friday, in another YouTube video, it was revealed that one lucky ‘Old Spice fan’ would be given access to the new advert before anyone else.

Old Spice plan to email the advert to one carefully chosen person in advance of it’s office TV launch in the States on February 7th, the day after the Super Bowl. It is hoped that this person will then promote the advert on their social network.

So can the advert go from an audience of one, to an audience of millions? Probably, considering that the initial, relatively dull, ‘come back’ video has already got almost 600,000 views in a week.

This will be an interesting one to watch for sure.


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