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May 23, 2011

Barrack Obama of the Moneygall Obama’s [Video & Text of Speech in Dublin, Ireland]

If, like me, you were stuck at work as Barrack Obama stepped up to the podium to address the crowds gathered in Dublin today, then visit this site to read the speech.

Barrack and Michelle Obama drink Guinness in Moneygall, Ireland

Image from


Speech here

You can watch a video of the full speech here.

If you missed the President downing a pint of Guinness in Moneygall, click here.

Mar 24, 2011

Social Media in Ireland – The Statistics [Video]

Edelman have compiled this short animation which gives you a statistical snapshot of Irish people’s use of social media.

Oct 5, 2010

Top Ten Brands on Facebook in Ireland and other Statistics

Here are some interesting statistics from that caught my eye this morning…

  • In terms of highest penetration (usage per head of population) Vatican City leads the way with 96.5% penetration
  • More female Facebook users in Vatican City than male (nuns?!)
  • 1,667,480 Irish people are on Facebook
  • 33% of Irish Facebookers are aged 25-34
  • 17% are aged 35-44
  • There are more Irish women than guys on the social network – 880,620 vs. 742,680
  • Four of the top ten Irish brands on Facebook are alcoholic drinks…surprising that Guinness doesn’t top the list given all the Arthurs Day hoo-ha.

Top Ten Brands on Facebook in Ireland:

  1. Baileys – 883,320 fans
  2. Jameson Irish Whiskey – 108,538 fans
  3. Guinness – 102,868 fans
  4. Ryanair – 56,194 fans
  5. Bushmills Irish Whiskey – 33,788 fans
  6. A|wear – 26,369 fans
  7. Barrys Tea – 19,220 fans
  8. Mr Tayto – 17,430 fans
  9. Meteor – 17,428 fans
  10. I love King Crisps on Bread! – 17,015 fans
Aug 19, 2010

Sunday Tribune to go Tabloid

In a cost-cutting measure, from September onwards the Sunday Tribune will hit the newstands in a tabloid format.

No longer will there be seperate sections for business, news and sport. These will be ditched for a ‘compact’ 104 pages and a glossy magazine targeting women readers.

The move comes after a steady decline in the Tribune’s circulation. ABC figures released this week shine a spotlight on the Tribune’s problem with average sales down from 65,700 in the first half of 2009 to 54,500 copies in the same period this year.

Want more information on the latest ABC figures?

  • Sunday Times, Star titles score in UK ABC figures – Read here.
  • Men’s magazine market drops by 5pc in first half – Read here.

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