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Oct 12, 2010

Think Mobile When it Comes to Promotional Campaigns

There are 150 million active Facebook users connecting to the social network via their mobile phones according to another great infographic from the guys at Flowtown.

The rise of Facebook mobile-an infographic

The huge increase in people accessing sites such as Facebook ‘on the go’ underscores the massive change in how we consume media and the importance of keeping ‘mobile consumers’ in mind when planning any campaign.

Simple things can make your content more ‘mobile-friendly’ such as making sure the content of your website is easy ‘to scan’ rather than ‘to read’ or keeping use of flash on sites to a minimum to facilitate iPhone/iPad users.

You should ‘think mobile’ in terms of the content you send out into the world also. For example, posting press releases and articles to online news resources and social bookmarking sites, recording simple YouTube videos to accompany promotional activities (YouTube is not only one of the most popular websites, it’s also one of the most popular mobile apps) or posting campaign photography to Flickr or Facebook.

As people want more and more of the content ‘to go’, it’s important promotional material can move with them or else it’ll get left behind.

Sep 27, 2010

News bytes

I spent this weekend in hibernation and managed to wade through some backlog in my feed reader. Some things that caught my eye:

  • Brendan O’Connor’s cringeworthy interview with Gazza on The Saturday Night Show. You can watch a clip of it here or the full shebang here.
  • A Twitter account for @annedoylerte was set up this week and people were surprised when ‘Anne Doylecriticised (putting it mildly) Brendan O’Connor. However given another tweet states: “Its 9 O’Clock. Good Evening. I’m Anne Doyle and I AM the news“…I think it’s safe to say it’s a fake account.
  • How important have apps become? Another handy infographic illustrating the ‘rise of an apps-based culture’ from the guys at Flowtown.
  • Facebook officially launched a new feature to help you find Facebook Pages you might be interested in and ‘like’ them.
  • The closing date for entries for Ireland’s only dedicated app awards, The Appys, has been extended until October 8th.
  • What your social network profile picture says about you.
  • News has been trickling out from Twitter HQ in relation to the upcoming launch of a free Twitter analytics service later this year. More on this here.
Jul 13, 2010

Top Ten ‘Most Shared’ News Sites

We all know that news – be it good or bad – spreads fast. However some news sites trump the rest in terms of having their content pushed out to the far corners of the internet. Are you keeping an eye on the sites that could have the most impact on you or your clients?

Flowtown have analysed the news sites around the globe and have come up with a top ten list. Three UK news outlets make the cut – The BBC, the Guardian and the Telegraph.

Top ten most shared news websites

The guys at Flowtown explored not only at the ‘most shared’ news sites, but also at the biggest influencers and the top ‘shared’ stories for each of the sites. Unsurprisingly some famous names pop up as key influencers – the likes of @perezhilton, @mariahcarey and even @mchammer – who have hundreds of thousands of followers online and as a result, plenty of online clout.

Looking at the most shared stories across the sites there’s a trend towards consumer technology, social media, politics and celebrity news. Although there were a few surprises – who’d have thought that so many people would be interested in claims that an ‘oriental yeti was discovered in China’ or that ‘proper nouns come in to play in Scrabble rule change’!?

Full infographic here.

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