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Sep 12, 2011

Key Message Recall:Volkswagen Turn a Motorway into A Game of Roulette

Getting your target audience to remember your key message is tricky. It’s even trickier if your selling point is more technical or abstract. Volkswagen in Norway faced that challenge when promoting the new Golf BlueMotion.  They were left wondering how to translate the cars key selling point – it’s low fuel consumption of 0.38l per metric mile – into something consumers would relate to. What they did was pretty creative.

They marked out the main Norwegian motorway like a roulette wheel and invited consumers to guess how far the car would get without running out of fuel to win the vehicle. They drove consumers to the brand website through TV advertising and consumers could follow the cars journey online. A clever way to ensure consumers remember the product’s selling point.

Sep 5, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Launch QR Code Campaign to Stop Traffic

I’m sure everyone read the news that Britain’s beach volleyball players will now carry QR code advertising on their bikini bottoms courtesy of a sponsorship deal done with two of the teams stars and betting company, Betfair.

Well now lingerie label, Victoria’s Secret, is getting in on the QR code action. They’ve launched a new outdoor campaign to pique the interest of the public (presumably guys) by asking them to scan the QR code to ‘reveal Candice’s secret’! A nice use of QR codes which is sure to see guys out on the street with their tongues and phones hanging out!

Victoria's Secret Billboard Campaign - Sexier than Skin

(h/t 708 Media)

Jan 30, 2011

New Old Spice Advert to Be Leaked to One Lucky Fan

The man your man could smell like, Isaiah Mustafa, is back.

The Old Spice adverts were a viral sensation last year, with one of the videos receiving almost 29 million views – making it the most viewed advert of 2010 (the brand’s YouTube channel total upload views currently sit at 184,542,802!). So can they build upon that success or is this a ‘swan dive’ too far for the brand?

The brand successfully used social media last year to interact with consumers and create a buzz around the campaign. This year they’re trying to adopt similar tactics in the hope that they’ll strike ‘advertising gold’ twice.

On January 20th, Old Spice released a short teaser video on YouTube announcing the Old Spice guy’s come back.

On Friday, in another YouTube video, it was revealed that one lucky ‘Old Spice fan’ would be given access to the new advert before anyone else.

Old Spice plan to email the advert to one carefully chosen person in advance of it’s office TV launch in the States on February 7th, the day after the Super Bowl. It is hoped that this person will then promote the advert on their social network.

So can the advert go from an audience of one, to an audience of millions? Probably, considering that the initial, relatively dull, ‘come back’ video has already got almost 600,000 views in a week.

This will be an interesting one to watch for sure.

Oct 5, 2010

Gillette to See if Life is Better Bearded

Gillette launch campaign using twins to find out if the public like facial hairRandom factoid of the day – the study of beards is called pogonology. Well pogonologists worldwide will be on the edge of their seats as they watch Gillette’s new campaign in the UK unfold.

Shaving and male grooming brand Gillette has set out to find out which the public prefers – men with or without beards. To do this they’ve enrolled Dean and George Georgiades – identical twins who can be distinguished only by the fact that George is sporting impressive facial hair.

The twins will undertake a series of challenges over the next few weeks to see how the public reacts to bearded men. The men will aim to gauge, for example, whether shop assistants are more helpful to the clean shaven or whether whiskers pose a problem in a pasta-eating competition.

The brothers will catalogue their experiences online, primarily on Twitter on the brothers profiles and on the brands page, @GilletteUK. The winner of the contest will be the brother with the most followers.

Vote with your follow at @georgiogeo or @dino_geo.

Sep 23, 2010

Diesel’s New Kick-Ass Ad…Literally

You may have seen some adverts from Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign…well they’ve now released a new advert which is well worth a look.

Why ‘Be Stupid’? Well according to Diesel “Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret-free life” and “Smart has the plans, stupid has the stories“. Mmm…so the brand want to appeal to the ‘every man’ or you have to be stupid to wear Diesel? You can watch a video on the ‘Be Stupid Philosphy’ here.

Regardless of the rationale behind the campaign, the ads are very eye catching and I like the creative concepts…

Advertisement from the Diesel 'Be Stupid' campaign

Advertisement from the Diesel 'Be Stupid' campaign

Now they’ve released a new ad which I love. It features a giant arse being pursued by a sneaker to promote Diesel Sneakers with the tagline – “Diesel Sneakers, Not Made for Running – Great for Kicking Arses“. Clever stuff.


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