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Sep 5, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Launch QR Code Campaign to Stop Traffic

I’m sure everyone read the news that Britain’s beach volleyball players will now carry QR code advertising on their bikini bottoms courtesy of a sponsorship deal done with two of the teams stars and betting company, Betfair.

Well now lingerie label, Victoria’s Secret, is getting in on the QR code action. They’ve launched a new outdoor campaign to pique the interest of the public (presumably guys) by asking them to scan the QR code to ‘reveal Candice’s secret’! A nice use of QR codes which is sure to see guys out on the street with their tongues and phones hanging out!

Victoria's Secret Billboard Campaign - Sexier than Skin

(h/t 708 Media)

Sep 5, 2011

Yes, You Can Quit – Clever Anti-Smoking Billboard Campaign

The American Cancer Society and the Texas Dept. of Health is running a campaign at the moment to encourage people to picture themselves without cigarettes ( They’ve rolled out TV, radio and print ads and have also launched this clever billboard which features lungs that get a little bit healthier as the weeks pass by – just as they would if you quit smoking.

Anti-Smoking Billboard Campaign

I pity the guy who has to re-paint the ad every two weeks!

Mar 24, 2011

Billboard Filled with Thousands of Live Cockroaches

No doubt some animal rights (or should it be insect rights?!?) activists were up in arms about this billboard filled with thousands of live cockroaches unveiled last week in Dallas.

Billboard filled with live cockroaches in Dallas

The stunt, which gives new meaning to running a ‘live ad’, was by Publicis to promote their client, Terminex. The launch release stated:

The transit billboard will feature thousands of live cockroaches fashioned into the word ‘E. coli,’ one of the 33 infectious diseases pests can carry into homes. The ad will provide commuters with a highly unique and visual reminder, pests are more than a nuisance, bugs can spread dangerous diseases.

Molly Mann from Publicis said: “We have a professional cockroach wrangler who will put them into the billboard and then take them out and return them to his farm.”

I wonder does a professional cockroach wrangler get much work these days?

Oct 26, 2010

IKEA Creates Interactive Billboards

You have to admire Ikea (or their agencies at least) for consistently coming up with eyecatching campaigns. While in the UK, Ikea has attracted attention after filming cats running wild in a store, in Vienna the brand has now come up with a clever outdoor campaign.

To promote their Pax line of wardrobe doors Ikea installed modified billboards at touching distance from the footpath. Pedestrians curiosity was piqued as they moved sliding doors on the display to reveal two different wardrobe interiors, depending on which side of the closet was open. The tagline on the ad states: “For every situation, IKEA has a solution.”

A simple way to convert billboards from street wallpaper to something much more attention grabbing.  Here’s a video which shows the ads and people’s reaction to them:

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