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Apr 27, 2013

Teddy Has an Operation and I Get Chills

Just why is this so unnerving?!

A Ze Frank video. For more click here.

Jan 25, 2012

Tropicana Harness the Sun for Marketing Stunt

As part of their ‘Brighter Morning with Tropicana‘ campaign, the juice brand came up with a clever stunt which took place Monday in London’s Trafalgar Square.

To the surprise of Londoners making their way about on a typically grey Winter’s morning in the city, a huge sun which took six months to construct and was 30,000 times bigger than a football rose up to brighten up the square. Apparently the artificial ‘sun’ could be seen from space as the light was the equivalent of 60,000 light bulbs!

The brand is also running complimentary Facebook activity with competitions and the opportunity to join Tropicana’s ‘Breakfast Club’.

Sep 18, 2011

Introducing Poopons – An App that Turns Dog Poo into Coupons [Video]

Dog poo in exchange for your morning coffee or muffin? Well not quite. A parody video has been released by creative duo, Ricky and Angela, poking fun at some of the quirkier apps now on the market.

As a dog owner, it really bugs me when other dog owners don’t clean up after their pooch. Nobody wants to step in a doggy ‘landmine’. So the idea of motivating dog owners to pick up after their dog by redeeming loyalty points is intriguing. The ‘idea’ is simple – use a ‘Poopon’ bag to pick up your dog’s ‘business’ and the warmth will cause a code on the bag to be revealed. You scan the code to collect ‘Poopon Points’ which can be redeemed at local stores.

Check it out…

A good idea even in jest or is it just *$”@?!


(via BuzzFeed)

Sep 4, 2011

What we Learn from Doodles [Video]

I’m a big doodler, always have been, so I was particularly interested in this video and article from Sunni Brown, a woman who’s trying to lead a ‘doodle revolution’ and integrate it into business best practice.

Apparently a 2009 study found a 29% increase in information retention gained by doodlers…so pay attention!

Read more on this here from CNN.

Mar 21, 2011

‘Gay Cure’ App Has Apple Stewing

We’ve all heard the slogan ‘there’s an app for that‘, well the Christian activist group Exodus International would have you believe that there’s now an app that can help cure homosexuality.

Apple approved the so-called ‘gay cure’ app for entry into their app store and have found themselves in the middle of a gay rights controversy this week as a result.

Over 80,000 people have signed an online petition on against the app according to a piece published in the Guardian today.  Gay rights group, Truth Wins Out, is now encouraging people on the site to send a letter to Steve Jobsdemanding the iTunes store stop supporting homophobia and remove the Exodus app‘.

They’ve been successful in this area in the past, handing over a petition with 8000 signatures to Apple last year against the app “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” which they described as “cyber spiritual abuse that promotes backward ideas in a modern package“.

Alarmingly the Exodus app currently sits 14th in the top free apps in the Lifestyle category.


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