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The Social Media ROI Hypocrisy [Video]

A brief but provocative video from David Meerman Scott, author of ‘The New Rules of Marketing and PR’ explores the hypocrisy of executives who demand to know the ROI of social media communications.

When’s the Best Time to Post on Twitter or Facebook? [Infographic]

Social media marketing can be tricky with a multitude of factors affecting each tweet or post including the timing of the engagement attempt. This infographic sheds some light on when is the best time to engage with people online (B2B and B2C).

PR Stunts – An Overview of the 12 Most Memorable

A great list of PR stunts and the lessons learned from them

Anti-PowerPoint Political Party Founded in Switzerland

A new political party has been set up in Switzerland to raise awareness of alternatives to PowerPoint. Is this for real or is it an elaborate marketing ploy?

Will You Be Signing up for Social Media Insurance?

Insurance brokers developing social media policies to provide cover to companies and individuals exposed to legal action or reputational damage due to comments made on social networking sites.

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