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Pharmaceutical Marketing News Bits

Changes to the IPHA code of pharmaceutical marketing practice in Ireland, interesting insights into virtual physician consultations and sales reps gone wild…just some of the post on the PDH blog this week.

Survey Reveals Irish People Turning to Dr Google to Save Money

Irish people are increasingly turning to the internet for medical diagnosis and advice in order to save the cost of a GP visit. The Irish Pharmacy Union states this isn’t surprising and are warning of the dangers of ‘watercooler experts’ through an interactive website.

Johnson and Johnson Brings you Diary of a Vagina [Video]

Interesting integrated film campaign from Johnson and Johnson in China which targets the female market with a campaign written from the point of view of a vagina.

Half of People Won’t Take Their Medicine – Communication & Medication Adherence Infographic

Medication non-adherence is a significant issue in modern healthcare and one which poses a challenge for healthcare marketing and PR professionals as well as the medical community. An infographic from the US sheds light on the issue and highlights the importance of communication when it comes to compliance with prescribed medicine.

Yes, You Can Quit – Clever Anti-Smoking Billboard Campaign

Anti-smoking billboard campaign in the US will feature lungs which get healthier over time to encourage people to kick the habit.

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