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Rather than dusting off some shoulder pads, digging out old denim shirts or grabbing a ‘scrunchy’, since blogging has been declared “over”, I decided that I’d go against the grain of fashion by starting a blog.

My name is Julie O’Donnell and I’ve been working in marketing and communications since 2007. I started life in the agency world, advising companies big and small across a range of sectors – Telecoms, IT, Healthcare, Recruitment, Interiors and Financial Services. For over 5 years now I have been working in the pharmaceutical sector in various roles – most recently as Strategic Planning Director and Board Director with Publicis D Healthcare with responsibility for delivering truly integrated PR, marketing and digital initiatives. Throughout my career I’ve been focused on the development of insight-driven strategies that leverage all relevant channels…not digital for digital’s sake or forsaking a channel mix that creates a really engaging customer experience (regardless of who your ‘customer’ is).

I recently moved to Copenhagen, taking the role of Global Head of Digital Interaction with a pharmaceutical company (this is my personal blog and all views are my own and not representative of that of my employer).

With an emphasis on digital strategy, social media, marketing and public relations, I’ll also blog about pretty much anything that catches my eye. I find these days that between reading other blogs, newspapers, tweets, and so on that we’re all inundated on a daily basis with interesting tit-bits of information, great articles and news on new tools/services. I intend to use this blog as a bit of a resource for myself – aggregating the best/most interesting/weirdest things I spot during the day.

Although I do have a healthy Waterford accent, a love of shiny gadgets, travel and Manchester United, I do not have an inflated ego so feel free to drop me a line, comment on the blog and proffer up any thoughts or criticisms you may have.


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  1. Well done Julie- great idea. As you say there’s a massive amount of great info/ articles out there, so it’s great to read those that caught your eye in one place.

  2. Thanks Bernice…I’m finding it very useful so far in terms of looking at campaigns and tools in a bit more detail.

  3. Good luck with the blog – it will be a very useful resource for me in trying to scan the digital PR world for stories for my show

  4. Thanks Alex…I hope it is a help to you. I’ll likewise be keeping an eye or an ear on your podcasts!

  5. Great blog Julie, looking forward to keeping an eye on it.

  6. Cheers Stiofain!

  7. I am very impressed Julie, it is an interesting blog

  8. Your biased Shelly but thanks!

  9. Excellent Blog. I don’t believe blogging is over either. Just boring bloggers are. Keep up the good work 😀

  10. Thanks Lee…I’ll try! I’m sure the miserable weather will help keep me on the straight and narrow!

  11. Hey Julie – fair play to you for starting the blog. I will subscribe and looking forward to keeping up.


  12. Thanks Annette! I’m sure you’ll keep me on my toes!

  13. Enjoyed reading your blog Julie. Thanks for following me on Twitter where I enjoy your tweets.
    I’ve taken the liberty of linking you to my blog. If this is ‘inappropriate’ for you just let me know.
    Great Blog Julie, well done

  14. Thanks Tom!

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