Sep 24, 2010

Video to Make Irish Dancing Cool Again

A new online campaign is hoping to make Irish Dance more relevant to a modern audience. Think Michael Flatley’s Riverdance except with hands only….what?!…Check out this video which has amassed over 1,781,000 views.

Apart from the fact these guys are champion Irish dancers, would you have gotten ‘Irish Dance’ from that video? I certainly didn’t.

The video is part of the ‘Up & Over It’ campaign – a collaboration Suzanne Cleary, Peter Harding and Jonny Reed – which aims “to stretch the concept of Irish Dance to its limits”. The act appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival earlier this year and put on a show described as “a sensational multimedia extravaganza for the post-pop generation” which combined irish dance, electro-pop, nouveau folk and video.

The trio have also developed a website and a Facebook page which has over 7000 fans.

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  • I’m thinking mambo number 5. And of Latin American folk dace. Its a total fail if they’re going for Irish Dancing. Back to the drawing board.

  • It reminds me of a cross between the Cadbury’s ‘Eyebrows’ ad and the old Guinness ad with the dancing guy waiting for a pint…still an interesting video though

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